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The Prophet

The Prophet

The prophet is written by Kahlil Gibran. He is a Muslim Author and writes very amazing saga. this saga play an important role of a common life. This saga is not had a great impact on Muslims life but also other people belongs to different religion. This saga is published in 1923. Novel contains 107 pages. Each and every page contain informative ideas. Novel has been translated into more then 40 languages. Millions of copies are sold-out in united state. Press Alfred A. Knopf was the publisher of this saga in United States. This saga is double in demand of the reader and then again published. This saga has great influenced on the Muslim life. Almustafa is the main character of this saga. He is born and live in the Orphalese. He is profit and preached. when he was just 12 years old he leaves his city. He leaves this place many of people against him. They want to kill him. He moves elsewhere with our supporter. This saga is divided into many small chapters. The name of these chapters is about of this child. Pain selling buying marriage freedom peace beauty friendship attachment to religion and prayers. The first topic of this saga is about life and the last is about death.
In this saga, author also introduced the Sufi and other great followers of Islam. He explains the life of God great man who followers the Islam and preached the Islam in different regions of the world for the sake of GOD. The other book name The Garden of Prophet is published based on the same topic. This saga is equally famous among Muslims and non-Muslims. This one is great work by Author.

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