The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

The Name of the Rose By Umberto Eco

The Name of the Rose is the mystery novel that was written by famous and incredible Italian novelist Umberto Eco. This debut novel was first published in year 1980. It was first novel of writer. The events happened in year 1327 in Italy that was mentioned in this novel. This novel was written originally in Italian language later, William Weaver translated this novel in 1983 into English language from Italian.
This novel was adapted many time for the films, television screen and for theater.
First time a play based on the story of the novel was directed by George Gonta. This play was released in 1998 on the screen. This play was telecasted at the National theater. Later, it was also adapted for the radio that broadcasted on the BBC radio. This radio drama consists of 2 parts.
This novel was adapted for the featured Film, based on the story of this novel. This film was directed by Jean Jacky’s Anaud. A radio parody that got inspiration from film adaptation was made as part of crime series “Crème de la” by Punt and the Dennis.
The major characters, Adso of Melk and Franciscan Friar William of Baskerville went to monastery of Italy. And the attempt of suicide happened there and by proceeding the story of novel, many people died there suspiciously. William handled this case of suicide for investigation. He always got some new clues after ending of each investigation. This thing increased the curiosity of William abut case. He thick logically and deeply about all and got success to unfold the mystery of Abbey.
Writer got much attention of readers for this mystery and writer cover all the story superbly. After the publication, this story got much fame.

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