Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China PDF Summery

Wild Swans Three Daughters of China

Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

This saga is written by Jung Chang. He is Chinese well known writer. In this saga, author explain the life of three generation. This saga become very famous after publication. Number of awards got and has been translated into many languages. This saga considered bestselling novel and masterpiece among collection of Author books.
This saga described the story of three generation. Yu-fang was the name of Chang’s Grandmother. They are very poor people ad live very miserable life. The Father of her grandmother wants to get a high status, that’ why he made a plan to got high rank. His father met a very highly richer man named General Xue Zhi-heng. The general saw his daughter a talk his father for wedding. Yu Fang father said yes because he is very greedy man and soon they got wedded. After the wedding, his husband leaves her alone and goes else where. She lives in great palace with number of servants. The first wife of servant treats her badly and not gives permission to go and live with her parents.
After six years, General come back and met his wife. Now Chang’s grandmother is the mother of one girl. General see his daughter and give her very sweet name. Yu fang wants to live the General But he refused her. He lives with his first wife and child. Soon a great quarreled is happened between them. General gives Chang’s grandmother divorced. After that her grandmother got wedded to a doctor. His name was Dr. Xia and very old. Her grandmother and hr mother starting living with him. They feel a great peace and happiness in his company.

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