The Total Woman PDF English Book Written by Marabel Morgan

I Am a Woman

The Total Woman

The Total Woman is written by Marabel Morgan. This saga based on her married life. 1973 is the publishing date of his saga. In 1974, this tale is declared most successful saga of USA. the Author writes the experiences of her life. This is just a precious gift for all woman and helps the woman to make her life’s happier and easier. This saga is bestselling and millions of copies sold-out is one year and got high attention of the woman around the world. I Marabel Morgan the author as well as the main character of this saga. She is married and dissatisfied by her marriage life. His husband nature is totally different to her. She is so depressed and unable to change his husband. She finds herself in trouble and six years later of her wedding she decides to change herself rather then her husband. This is really difficult period for her but not impossible. After that, she sees the good things happened in her life and feels relive.
She starts working in a company named Total Woman. She wants to educate the woman different manner. she decided to held a seminar for woman. In this seminar, she taught the woman how they win the heart of her husband. The main four things she discussed. she said if this four adopted by a woman her life become happier for her. Firstly, idea is adopting the things that his husband like, love the every thing of his, encouraged him, say thanks of his loves towards her. The main ideas are Husband is a king of woman house and on the other hand wife is the queen. This idea solves many problem of woman life.

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