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Dune Messiah

Dune Messiah

This novel is written by Frank Herbert. This one is second novel of Dune series. Before complete publication, this saga is sterilized. Another book named Children of Dune are made based on this topic. It has been published many times by different publisher.
This all event is happened in Dune.Paul “Muad’Dib” Atreidesis the main character of this saga. He is the Emperor. He accepts the messiah religion. He is very powerful religious Emperor. He is considered the best and strong Emperor. He is the king on almost 61 million peoples. They all peoples really take care of him. They all obey his order. He is great and kind man by nature. Everyone is same in his eye. He develops a great relation of humanity.in this all happening he bear very great destruction from his ganister but he stands firmly on his thoughts and roles.
Princess Irulan, is the wife of Paul’s. She is also the daughter of great king. She is unable to get pregnant and really upset. UT on the other hand Paul’s have great trust on his GOD. He always supports her. Once the important secret of the Paul’s is leaked out. He thinks may be his wife do this. After that,he come to known se is really fair for her.Hayt’ is the teacher of Paul’s after a long time he met him and told all worries to his teacher. He knows that he is the man who teaches him and actually create him.

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