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Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Joseph Heller is the writer of this tale. In 1953, author start writing this saga. Simon & Schuster published this saga in 1961.This saga is about the war. The war is held in Us. John Yossarian is the main character of this saga. In this tale, author describe the different incidents happened during the war. This saga explained the horrible events as well as the aims of the airmen. The war based on this amazing and trilling topic.
The experiences start from the war and ended when all solider come back to our homes. They all solider have a great aim for this war. They have a great shine in eyes. The main point for fighting is Italy. They all are were excited to this war. They are all ready to show our strength in this war. The tale is divided into six major parts. Many minor parts also discuss in this saga. The great experience was in Italy. They all are in Horrible mountain and fight many of them are kill in this place. In this whole war, many of them go and leave this war. they are unable to fight. the horrible atmosphere of the war break the strength. They loss hope and leave the war.
The story of this saga is used for the making of the film many times. In 1971, Mike Nichols direct a film based on this topic.
In 1973, the drama named Pilot based on this saga are made. This drama is really funny and thrilling got attention of viewers.

Significant characters:  Yossarian, Chaplain Tappman, Colonel Cathcart, Doctor Daneeka, Milo Minderbinder, Appleby, Captain Black, Colonel Cargill, Clevinger, Nurse Cramer, Milo Minderbinder, Lieutenant Nately

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