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Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the Dolls is novel by Jacqueline Susann. She is an American author. 1966 is the publication year of this saga. This saga based on the life of three women named Jennifer, Neely and Anne. They all lives very depressing life and use pills for relieve. This saga got huge response for public and become very famous within one night. More than 30 million copies of this saga sold-out very quickly. Three woman are main characters of this saga. In start, they don’t know to each other but after that they become good friends and share good memories of her lives.
Jennifer is well known female actor. Tony Polar is her boy friend. He is singer by profession and singing in night club for the sake of money. They fall in love and finally the day come when Jennifer becomes pregnant. Her doctor told her baby is not in good position some complication will occur so she advice her to abort her baby. This is really bad time for her she starting using pills for relive.

Neely is second woman. She is also actress and got good fame very short period. She is really fat and her fans criticized her to lose her weight. Her closed friend named Jennifer told her how to lose her weight and helps her. Soon she become flat and become more famous. Anne is third one lady. She works in a company and fall in love with company owner. She is really beautiful and charming every one fall in love at first sight. He refused the factory owner and leave job. Once she falls in love a boy named Lyon Burke. In this time, he refused her. After that they share our worries to each other and start new life with happiness.

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