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Dream of the Red Chamber

Dream of the Red Chamber

The story of stone is the second name of this saga. Cao Xueqin, is the Author of this saga. This one is top fourth novel writer of china. This saga is write Qing Dynasty during in the mid of the 18 centuries. This one saga is very famous and bestselling in china literature. In 1791, this saga is published. Before the publication, the small book copies are published. Cheng Weiyuan was the editor of this saga. More than 40 editions of this saga are published. Millions of copies of this saga are sold out and considered the bestselling novel. One saga is great and intense work of Author.
IN this saga, the author explains his family. In this saga, all up and down of his comes of author family all are discuss in this saga.In first chapter, the author explains the characters of this saga.the characters of this saga are very limited.the life of his family servant’s close friends and relatives are discussing here. The happening of all his close being life were explained here.This is one is considered a classical novel of China history. In this saga, poetry and verse of Chines language is discuss. Beijing Mandarin dialect write the amazing dialogue of this saga. After that, this all dialogue become an important part of chines literature.
This saga is translated into number of languages and got a high attention of both old and modern world. Author explain the story and arranged the all characters very skillfully.

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