Wolf Totem PDF Summery Download By Jiang Rong

Wolf Totem

Wolf Totem

This saga is written by Jiang Rong. He is a Chinese well known Author. This saga is based on the number of experiences. This all experiences of a young man belongs to china. The different Culture and traditions are under discussion. This saga is not become very famous after publication. This saga gain attention and good response from public after many years of publication. This is really amazing saga. The Author explain the traditions very softy and attractive manner.
Chen Zhen is the central character of this saga. He is young man and belong to china. He born and brought up in Beijing. He leaves his home and start working in the Mongolia. Different traditions and custom are discussed by Narrator. Wolf Totem is the narrator of this saga. Wolf Totem explained the culture difference between the Mongolian and Chinese. Nomads of Mongolian and Farmers of China are main part of description. Freedom, love, hardworking, teamwork and respect all things made life happy and easy. The nomads of Mongolia nomads see many ups and downs in this saga.
The reason to writing this saga is because of one accident. Once group leader of nomads attacked by the pack of the wolves. And once a number of wolves attacked on sheep. They all dragged the sheep and kill them. This accident increased charm to study about the wolf and write book.
The story of this saga is used for the making of animated feature film. Rob Minkoff was the director and Pietro Ventani was producer of this film. This film released in 2015.

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