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War and peace

War and Peace

This saga is novel by Leo Tolstoy. He was well known and amazing Author of Russian history. The main topic of this saga on war and then peace. What important aspect of war and peace are described. This saga is adapted for film. This saga is not easily to understand. The length of this saga and explanations of war is not easy to digest by a normal people. The Author starts write this saga after a great research. The story of war between Russia and Napoleon. The Author met the peoples who saw this war with own eyes and then made great research and finally decided to write this saga.
Five different families are the major part of this war. Pierre, Natasha, Nicholas, Princess Mary and Andrei are five important and master family who are responsible of this war. This saga is difficult to understand for those who have no knowledge of war and never ever read book about war and peace. Author has great sense of writing make this saga for best to reader.
The war basically starts from a night party. Where all major five families are invited. Some personal and other unusual happening increased the chances of this war. Number of character is described in this saga with their role. Author explains the whole environment of this war really skillfully. The reader feels like he is the part of this war and sees this war with our eyes after reading this sparkling novel.
The story of peace after war also major part of this saga. When the happening after war and during peace is explain very variously. This saga is just considered the master piece among collection of books.

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