Things Fall Apart Free Download Book By Chinua Achebe

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart is written by Chinua Achebe. This saga is published in 1958. This saga is happened in Nigeria. This saga equally famous all region of Africa. This saga divided in to three part. In first part, author describe the family life, in second part, he explained personal life and in third one demonstrate the traditions of society. This is really amazing saga considered the bestselling novel. Millions of copies of this saga sold-out in few weeks. The sequels of this saga are also released different time.

Okonkwo is the main character of this saga. He is Wrestler by profession. He is really famous in his villagers. The local town people really respect and love him. Once a big match held between him and another great Wrestler. He is very strong, powerful and hardworking man. He won this match and the other wrestler named cat leave this place and go elsewhere. Okonkwo eject his father whole money and really work hard to fulfill his wishes. He works hard and one day comes when he made a huge palace, Luxury Office and cars. His father was very bad man. He father do bad mistake in his life. His father kill many people and no one like his father. But he is great man and very opposite to his father nature. His father take loan of many people and die without pay. He paid all loan and gain a good fame in his village. His leader of his region everyone loves him. He was a great man and does many more for his People.

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