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The Late, Great Planet Earth

The Late, Great Planet Earth

The Late, Great Planet Earth is novel by Hal Lindsey. This tale is published in 1970. Zondervan was the publisher of this saga. this story The Late, Great Planet Earth is used for the filmmaking in 1970. Rolf Forsberg was the director of this film. Orson Welles was the narrator of this film.

The Late, Great Planet Earth Summary

The books of this series are written and published step by step. This epic The Late, Great Planet Earth has been translated into many languages and considered best selling saga. This saga is based on the different topic at a time. The reference of Bible is the main part. Different happenings of Bible are used and explain in this saga. the important and key events of our holy book are explained. The theory about the earth is also demonstrated by the author. The importance of religion and prophet are widely explaining. the different natural events such as Earthquakes storm and rain are all demonstrating. they all show that someone in this words is the creator of all things in the universe.

The story of Satan also has a great attraction for readers. What happened to he becomes Satan all are described. The description about Israel also given. This country came into being in 1948. the character of Israel in this world is very bad and against the Muslim. After Bible, this saga based on almost same topic and gain good response. The great climatic events happened in this world are explained here. This saga just a masterpiece among the collection of books on the writer.

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