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She A History of Adventure

She: A History of Adventure

She is written by H. Rider Haggard. This saga first sterilized in magazine and then published. This saga gain a great success after publication. This one tale declared all time best selling book. She translated in to more the 40 languages and attack the attention of people around the world. This saga is very much popular novel of Author. Many peoples criticized this saga due to unrealistic facts. This saga is following the story of journey. This saga is set in 19th century in England. In this saga, author explain his experiences of different places such as south Africa. In this tale, author describe the different race. Horace Holly is the main character of this saga. This tale is based on his life. The adventure of his life is main topic.

Horace Holly life experiences, education, early history all are important part of this saga. These all topic explained step by step. This saga is divided in to chapters. every chapter contains a thrilling experience. Another main character of this saga is Ayesha. she is queen and famous of her dignity. She also calls white queen because of his fair skin color. the life his of Ayesha is also main part of this saga. In this saga, author make a great connection both stories. This saga is great thrilling tale attract the readers.
The story of this saga is used for the making of film. Film was released in 1965. Hammer Film Productions producers of this film.
A direct video based on this saga are formed and released in 2001.
In 2006, a serial based on two episodes are on air in Radio BBC 4.
The DVD contain this saga are formed and released in 2012.


Horace Holly, Leo Vincey, Ayesha, Job, Billali, Ustane

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