The Hobbit PDF Book By J. R. R. Tolkien

The Hobbit

The Hobbit

This saga is novel by J. R. R. Tolkien. He is an English Author and write this fantasy novel specially for child. 1937 is the publishing date of this novel. This saga is nominated for many awards and also got awards. This one is considered the best work. This saga is adapted for film, radio, and other games many times and got high attention of child as well as mature people.
Bilbo is the main character of this saga. He is simple hobbit and live his life happily. One day, he was smoking a great Wizard are comes from his smoke. He was really surprised to see her. Wizard introduced herself and offer his to go for adventure. In start, he refused but finally he was ready. He told her he was read, Wizard disappear. Next day, Wizard appear very late Hobbit In fury. But after that, they start their journey and moves towards the huge mountain. Smaug is also a main character of this saga. He is dragon he saw them to moving towards the mountain he follow them. Finally, he also reached the same Mountain. He stole the Bilbo precious things and hide himself.
Gandalf also join then them and they move together new place. Another character named Thorin he is the master of Dwarves also with them. They reached in a great eating place and starts eating mutton. Gandalf disappeared and no one know where he gone. Every one really worried about him and starts finding him. Finally, he appears and told his all story of disappearance everyone laugh and go back home happily.

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