To Kill a Mockingbird PDF Download Free

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird PDF Download Free

To Kill a Mockingbird is novel by female writer named Harper Lee. In 1969, this saga was published. This saga contains almost 281 pages. The story of this saga is used for the making of film. This saga won a great award name Pulitzer Prize. This saga is based on very strange story. Number of characters are the parts of this saga. In this saga, the main topic is justice.

Scout Finch is main character of this saga. He is living with his brother named Jem and his father. His father was bad man and he rape a girl. The name of Girl is Mayella. Dill is the friend of the Finch and Dill. Boo Radley is also lives in same area. Three friends feel strange attraction towards this man.

Atticus is the named of Jam and scout father. He is the lawyer. Once he met a man named Tom who raped a girl. Tom is really bad man and always ready for fight. The big fight is starts between the Tom and Atticus. The children of Tom behave really badly to scout and Jem. On the other hand, they don’t care. The father of Mayella approve towards court and told about her daughter conditions. Her told that Tom raped his daughter. The Atticus was a lawyer and told Mayella father is lying. his daughter likes Tom and sexually attracted towards him. but absences of any prove the Tom gone jail. The child of Tom kill the jam. Jam girlfriend got wedded his brother Scout.

This one saga is very amazing writer wrote this saga very skillfully and gain positive response from the public.

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