The Thorn Birds Free English Book by Colleen McCullough

The Thorn Birds

The Thorn Birds

The Thorn Birds is novel by Colleen McCullough. Colleen was the well known Australian Author. In 1977, this saga was first published. This saga is set in Australian and writes in English language. The story is based on Cleary’s family. The story of this saga is used for the making of film and T.V serial also. The T.V serial is on-air in Australian channel in 1983. This series was the highly-watched series. Daryl Duke was the director of this T.V series. Veteran David L. Wolper was the producer of this series. This saga also adapted for film. This saga is considered a masterpiece.

Characters of Novel:

Meghann Cleary: Is the central character of this saga. She has no sister. Her brother loves her very much.
Luke O’Neill: Maggie was the wife of him.
Father Ralph de Bricassart: He is Irish man and he loves the Maggie.
Dane O’Neill: He is the son of two love birds name Maggie and Ralph.
Padraic Cleary: He is the father of heroin of this saga named Maggie.
Harold Cleary: Maggie younger brother and her best friend.
Fiona Armstrong Cleary: She is the mother of heroin of this saga.
Francis Armstrong Cleary: Maggie brother and love her younger sister a lot. And treat her like a baby doll.
James and Patrick Cleary: They are twin brother of this saga and baby brothers of Maggie.
Bob, Jack, and Hughie Cleary: They all the are the names of Maggie brother. They all are elder brother of Maggie.
Mary Elizabeth Cleary Carson: Very rich woman of this saga and the sister of Maggie father.
Luddie and Anne Mueller: They are works for the Maggie. Maggie hires them during her marriage ceremony.
Justine O’Neill: She is the beautiful lovely girl of this saga. Very much genius and the daughter of Maggie.

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