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Night Is Written By Elie

This saga is written by Elie Wiesel. This saga is published in 1906. This is about the great relation between father and daughter. Elie father was an army man and die in second world war. Les Éditions de Minuit was the publisher of this saga. This saga gains a high attention of peoples. Many small books based on this tale are published. This saga has been translated into more then 30 languages by different publisher.

This saga is considered the best work of French Literature.
Elie Wiesel is the main character of this saga. This saga is based on her life. Her relation to her father. Here father daughter relation is described. She told about her life story when she and her father lives in the Nazi German. In 1944-1945, is the time when she is living in Nazi German. This saga is set in second world war. This story of her life. One night comes to her life and breaks her all dreams. She was alone no one with her. No father, friends, family and sibling. This night is very shameful of her life. When she was just 16 her father die. This time is really horrible for her. She feels a great silence and fear in her life. She is alone here and not wants to lives here any more. She decided to move elsewhere. War is ended and she lives this place and reached in Paris. Here she starts new life without her father but the memories of her father.

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