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The Lovely Bones 

The Lovely Bones 

The Lovely Bones is the novel of famous novelist Alice Sebold. It was first published in year 2002 in United States of America by Little, Brown and Company. After the publication, within short time this novel became the best-selling novel and it was praised by many people. In 2009, this novel was adapted for the film that was directed by Peter Jackson. Cover artist of this novel was Yoori Kim. It was published in American English.
The story of this novel is based on little girl, first she being raped and then murdered. This novel elaborates that how little girl saw her friends and family from personal heaven. In the 1973, Susie salmon, she was 14 years old little girl. She was coming back from the school towards her home in Norristown, Pennsylvania. She met with George Harvey, he was her old neighbor and 36 years. He lives alone and made doll houses and invite her in his home. She accepts the invitation and went to his home, when she reached there he raped her and then he murdered her.
After all that he hides her dead body. When her family know about her murder they didn’t believe on this news and considered as fake news. But their dog brought Susie’s elbow and then her family was shocked. They call to police and said to inquire Harvey but police did not found any proof. Susie’s father, Jack, he took leave from his work and suspect Harvey because Lindsey told them about him.
One night, Susie’s father look out of the window and he noticed a blinking of light in the field. It was Harvey. Jack quickly reach there but he was not Harvey, they were Brian and Clarissa, class fellows of Susie. They both beat to jack badly and broke his arm. After passing some he recovered from injury.

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