Kane and Abel PDF Book Download By Jeffrey Archer

Kane and AbelKane and Abel By Jeffrey Archer

Kane and Abel is the novel of famous author Jeffrey Archer. It was first published by Hodder & Stoughton in year 1979. Later this novel was issued on February 1980 in United States of America. This novel includes 512 pages. After the publication, this book become much successful and it got much fame. It ranked as number 1 in NY time best sellers. “The Prodigal Daughter” is the sequel of this book.

The story of this novel is based on 2 Scriptural brothers, Kane and Abel. They both did much struggle for the successful life. The full name of Abel was Abel Rosnovski but his original name was Wladek Koskiewicz and full name of Kane was William Lowell Kane. Kane was the powerful and rich man but on the other hand, Abel was poor man and he decided to migrates to United States of America.

Kane follows all the rules that was told by her father and he became a successful lawyer. His father name was Richard Kane, who was the banker. Kane was little kid when his father died in Titanic disaster. Kane got sharp minded and he was too brilliant he competed his primary education from St. Paul’s School. His mother left him and married to Henry Osborne. Kane never like his step father so, he always avoids to go home and spend his most of time with his best friend, Mathew Lester.

On other side, Wladek Koskiewicz, is born in a poor family who lives in forest. He was very intelligent. His father give him a suggestion and he agreed to move to castle. After World War, Baron captured when Germany attacked to Poland.

This incredible novel was adapted for the television and it considered as a best-seller novel.

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