God’s Little Acre A English Novel Summery

God's Little Acre

God’s Little Acre

God’s Little Acre is written by Erskine Caldwell. This saga is published in 1933. This tale is based on a very disturbing family. This saga based on the sexual and wealth topic. The story of this saga is used for the making of Film. The film is released in 1958. This saga is considered bestselling novel. More then 10 million copies of this saga are sold out. This is very much famous novel of Author. This saga comes in top 100 best Library books.

Ty Ty Walden is the main character of this saga. She is with her children. Her daughter named Rosamund and another name Darling Jill. Rosamund is married but Jill is unmarried. He was the owner of great factory and have great rank in his society.  Buck Walden is the name of her son he is also married. his wife is very beautiful and charming named Griselda. they both live with Ty Ty and younger son named Shaw. Shaw is unmarried and have no interest in marriage. Shaw works in the farm and the money used for living and other needs. Her elder son also works in same farm. They work hard and established own factory. They give jobs to our town peoples and earn a huge amount of money. Another character named Pluto love Jill. he wants to marry her. He wants to develop some sexual relationship with her. In this tale, author explain the normal life in normal family. Described the relation between sibling and with mother.

In 1980, author starts writing this saga. It has been translated in too many languages and gain high attention. This one is considered just a piece of art.

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