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Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle is written by Ken Follett. In 1978, this saga is published. Penguin Group published this saga. This saga become very famous and sold-out million of copies. This saga gain good rank best American books. The story of this saga is used for the making of film. Richard Marquand was the director of this saga. This saga’s story is used for the making of drama. This drama on air in American T.V. This drama gain good response from viewers.
Henry Faber is the main character of this saga. He is spy and working for Germany. He is also employer of London railway. He takes and give important secret to another country. Stiletto is the weapon of his and used for the murder of too many peoples who have information about him. He kills many peoples just for the sake of his benefits.
David, is also main character of this saga. he is pilot by profession. Once he and his wife going for honeymoon. Suddenly a horrible accident happened. In this accident, David lose his both legs. He is not able to fly Aero plane. He lives in this place. He and his wife go elsewhere. After that Faber starts working for intelligence company. He is very experienced spy. Faber offer the David to working with him. But he refused and starts doing working in his farm. He gives important secrets to Berlin. He also works for Scotland and other major countries. Time go fast and he is getting old and he was in jail and live bad days of his life. This is very amazing saga based on very impressive topic.

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