A Tale of Two Cities Free PDF Download By Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities A Tale of Two Cities Free PDF Download

A Tale of Two Cities is a historical fiction novel that was written by Charles Dickens in the year 1859. First it was published in literary magazine “All the Year Round” in the 2 week episodes from April 1859 till the November 1859. This novel was set in London and Paris during French Revolution’s time. It is brilliant story of the love and family affection in contradiction of this revolution. It was published by Chapman & Hall publishers. This incredible novel got much fame in history of literature.

This novel includes 45 chapters. The main character of this novel is Charles Darnay, is self-exiled man belongs to a rich background. The story of this novel starts with Jarvis Lorry, who is travelling towards the Paris to unite Dr. Manette with his misplaced daughter whose name was Lucie. Doctor Manette is lives in France and stayed 18 years in jail as an illegal political prisoner. He released from jail after 18 years. Lucie is his sweet daughter and she loves her daddy too much so he decided to take his father towards England for his good care.

With the better care, he heals within a short time. Charles Darnay meets with the Lucie, who is a young man and left his family and country (France) too. And he settled in England, because he doesn’t like the brutality of his family in peasantry. Within short time, Charles Darnay try to comes close to the Lucie and also her family. But on the other hand, there was another person who falls in love with Lucie, whose name was Sydney Carton. He was the shrill minded lawyer of England but with the bad reputation.

A Tale of Two Cities is classic masterpiece of historical fiction and it often taught in the schools.

CharactersSydney Carton, Lucie Manette, Charles Darnay, Dr. Alexandre Manette, Miss Pross, John Barsad

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