Great Expectations PDF Download Free

Great Expectations PDFGreat Expectations PDF Download Free

Charles Dickens was a famous English writer. He was born on February 7, 1812. He considered as the greatest novelist. Charles Dickens famous for his notable work like Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol etc. Great Expectations PDF is one of them. This novel depicts the personal development of an orphan boy named Pip.

Great Expectations by “Charles Dickens” Summary

Ever since young Pip, an orphan, has lived with his elder sister and his brother in law, the village blacksmith. However, Pip is not content with his life. On a Christmas Eve, Pip unexpectedly helps an escaped convict by giving him food and aiding him in getting rid of his leg cuffs. The next day though, the prisoner was arrested again. He keeps quiet about Pip’s involvement in his case. As time passes, Pip’s grows into a young man and is sent off to Satis house to work for its wealthy owner, Miss Havisham. A bitter old woman herself, she has a beautiful adopted daughter, Estella. She is distant and cold with Pip who is fallen in love with her. Although Estella grows to be fond of Pip, his love is still unrequited. Later on, Pip leaves the Satis house to work under his brother in law, Joe.

However, Hia stays at the mansion results in his longing for a life beyond this commonness. His yearning to be a gentleman and good enough for Estella grows as time passes. One day he learns that an unnamed individual has left him with a huge inheritance. He moves to London to train to act as a gentleman. Pip is convinced that his Good Samaritan is Miss Havisham who wants to see him as the perfect future husband for Estella. He is astatic and forgets about his family as he is being educated by Mr. Mathew Pocket with whose son Herbert, he becomes friends with. His new lavish life makes him arrogant and he thinks of his family as inferior to himself and thinks they will lower him in Estella’s eyes. As much as Estella tried to keep Pip away from her, he continued to love her.

Twenty Fourth Birthday

On his twenty-fourth birthday, Pip learns that his inheritance came from convict from a long time ago. He then finally admits that Estella can never be his and also feels guilty for the way he had treated his family. Pip then with the assistance of his friend Herbert, protect the convict from the police who is looking for him. After realizing his mistakes, Pip decides he cannot except the convicted money any longer. Soon, Magwitch, the convict gets injured while trying to escape and dies after revealing to Pip that the adopted Estella is his daughter. Estella then goes on to marry Drummle, Pip’s enemy. Miss Havisham dies but not before leaving all her money to Herbert on Pip’s request as a way of repeating herself. Joe’s marry Biddy after the death of Pip’s sister who was abusive.

Pip goes to then to ask for forgiveness and then leaves to set things right in his life. Years later Pip meets Estella again when she has left Drummle and remarried. She is still an important part of his life. , and forever will be, however they bid each other goodbye as friends.

Mood of Novel Great Expectation 

Charles Dickens beautifully narrates Pip’s childhood. His tone is humorous, dramatic and compassionate and at the same time very dark and unforgiving.

Theme of Novel

This great novel depicts fundamental ideas. It shows social class, poverty, and crime.  It shows affection, loyalty, and conscience. Pip, the main character of this story is an idealist, he immediately desires to obtain improvement.  In short moral, social and educational motivates Pip his best and worst behavior throughout this novel.

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