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And Then There Were None bookAnd Then There Were None

And Then There Were None is the mystery and suspense novel that was written by famous novelist Agatha Christie. On 6 November 1939, it was published by Collin Crime in United Kingdom. Later it was released in United States of America in year 1939. This novel includes 272 pages. Original title of this novel was “Ten Little Niggers”.  Major characters of book are: General Macarthur, Thomas Rogers, Rogers, Miss Emily Brent and Anthony Marston

Story of this novel based on different people who same to Island to fulfill their different purposes. There were very huge variety of the strangers on the Island off shore of the Devon. The organizer was millionaire who was unknown to all. Many people come there to meet their friends and other comes to spend their holidays. After reaching all of the people to Island, the host was missing.

For pledging the unlawful acts, everybody was connivance of other people in deaths. Someone murdering the guests, but nobody knows about murderer and then their deaths become mystery for others. Someone told to all that they had been taken to the island to pay for all their illegal act that they have done. It seems they couldn’t get escape from this Island and in last they all were killed. This novel reveals the mystery slowly, how they all were killed and who was there to done all that.

It was the best novel of author and it was written very amazingly to enhance the curiosity of people to take more interest in it.  It got much fame and became a best-selling of all times. This incredible story was adapted many times for television, films and theatre. International publications list ranked this incredible novel as the 17th best-selling title.

Characters: Anthony James Marston, General John Gordon Macarthur, Mrs Ethel Rogers, Dr Edward George Armstrong, Philip Lombard

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