Where the Wild Things Are Written By Maurice Sendak

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are is written by the Maurice Sendak. He is an American Illustrator as well as writer. This saga is specially writes for the children. 1963 is the publishing date of this saga. Harper & Row was the publisher of this saga. This saga becomes very famous after publication. More than 19 million copies of this saga sold-out in few weeks and breaks all previous records of Author books. In 2012, this tale is declared best reared book and top best book is considered.
Max is the central character of this saga. The whole saga is based on his life. He lives very different and incredible life. His dressing sense was very weird. His bedroom looks like a jungle full of wild things. he moves towards the jungle and started living here. He lives the jungle environment and feel relive here. This saga is amazing describe the very strange topic. Once he moves towards the island. The great storm comes but he feels no fear because he likes this type of adventure. He lives here and remains successful. He becomes friends of many animals and enjoys the Dance of horse a lot. That He was the declared the king of Wild. And spends very memorable time here but soon he bore and comeback home. His room is full of wild things. He saw his room after a long time. He feels everything wait him anxiously.
The story of this saga is used for the making of films. In 1947, animated film is made for children.
In 1980, a short drama based on this saga are made. Spike Jonze was the director of this film.

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