The Wind in the Willows PDF Download By Kenneth Grahame


The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows is novel by Kenneth Grahame. 1908 is the publishing year of this saga. This saga is write specially write for Children. Number of topic is under discussion. This saga gain number 16 in 2013. Methuen was the publisher of this saga. This is the highly Adventure and Thrilling Novel. This saga has been translated into many languages.

There is main four characters of this are connect to each other different ways. First explain the Role of Mole. Mole loves adventure and wants to see new places in his life. He met a Rat present in his outside. Rat live in his neighbour and his good friend. He told him he really wants to go new beautiful place. Rat hire a boat and they both going towards a great journey. They feel so relive traveling in the boat. One day, he decided to go the Toad house. Toad is a very noble and rich. They both told them about a plane and invite him for the trip. Firstly, Toad refused but then he agrees. Once a toad kill someone. Police arrest him and he was in jail. After that, Mole and Rat staring living in his hall. Mr. Badger also wants and then starting living here. He stays in jail almost 20 years. Once he decided to run away. One woman works in Police Station helps him and finally he run way. In the last scene of this saga, he was in his hall and very sad and his eyes is full of tears.

This is really superb saga for children. the story and arrangement of characters is just brilliant. This saga is just considered the master piece among collection of author books. After this novel publication, Author got good rank among great author.

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