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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle is the Author of this saga. He is well known writer and writes the famous tales for people. This one saga is just gift for children. 1969 is the publishing date of this saga. This saga is  ublished in Uunited State as well as United Kingdom by different Publisher. Putnam/Philomel and Hamish Hamilton is the publisher of this saga.
The story of this saga is used for the making of film as well as for drama. The drama based on this tale on-air in 1993. This saga won many awards such as in 1970 Graphic Arts Award, 1972 Grand Prix des Treize in France and in 1975 Nakamori Reader’s Prize in Japan.
This saga is based on the life of caterpillar. This one is hungry and collect his food. The winter season is coming and he is really worry about his future. He just wants to collect food for his future. He wakes up early and spend his all day by collecting food. Caterpillar is the baby of butterfly. Butterfly gives eggs. The eggs hatch after few days. After hatching small larva are comes and few days after this larva transfer in the small caterpillar. The further caterpillar change into butterfly. They all stages of butterfly life. this all called the life cycle of butterfly. Changing from one form to another needs food for energy. So, caterpillar is premature stage of butterfly. Caterpillar needs food for energy and further development.
This saga has been translated more then 40 languages and got attention people around the globe.

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