The little Prince Written By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Summery

The little Prince

The little Prince

The little Prince is written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. He is well known writer of the French. This one saga is translated into many languages and gain position fourth among most translated books of the world. This one saga is writes for children. This saga is just a great gift for children of the world. This one saga is published in 1943. More then 140 million copies of this saga are sold-out in few weeks.
This is the story of small prince comes to another planet. He comes here with is Air cart. His air cart disable and he stat living in this planet. An unnamed pilot is also main character of this saga. He comes in this Desert named Sahara where the small prince is present. He told him he belongs to another desert. He more told that he wants to go back to his planet. He asks him for help and told his about his problem. Pilot ready to helps him. He draws picture for him. He also repairs his air cart. Little prince want to see the sheep but in Sahara Desert no sheep is present. Pilot draws a diagram of sheep for prince. The pilot see his air cart also see the impenetrability. The air cart of little prince is now in good position and he told the pilot he wants to go back. Finally, a day come he leave this planet. He told the pilot he will miss him. If you miss me see the starts and waves his hand.
The author writes this saga very skillfully and gain high ranks among the great author of English literature. The story of this saga and arrangement of the characters is superb. This saga is just a piece of art.

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