The Adventures of Pinocchio PDF E-Book Summery

The Adventures of Pinocchio PDF E-Book

The Adventures of Pinocchio PDF E-Book

The Adventures of Pinocchio is written by Carlo Collodi. He is an Italian author and writes this saga in Pescia. This Book especially writes for a child and first serial and then published. The Adventures of Pinocchio PDF translated into more than 250 languages. 

A few more details about  The Adventures of Pinocchio

This saga considered most reared and most translated saga. The Epic story is published in 1883. Different editions of this saga published step by step. This saga contains 36 chapters. This Book is considered the best selling and masterpiece among a collection of great books written for the child. Pinocchio is the main character of this saga. He is puppet boy and likes adventures. His father is a poor man and unable to fulfill his wishes. Geppetto is the name of his father and he is woodcarver by profession. In this saga, the Pinocchio got a chance to go for an adventure. A number of amazing things happened in this adventure. He was really happy and just want to capture this moment.

Suddenly a bad thing happens, a young boy changed into a horrible donkey. This time really bad and problematic for him. He remains in this conditions for many days and suddenly a Blue Fairy has appeared. The kind blue fairy helps him and changed his into real form. In this saga, the author describes the number of events of his life. He does many mistakes in his life. That Why he hanged for his indigestible faults. At last, he dies at the end of the 15 chapter. After that, an author writes more chapter and in all this chapter the Blue Fairy is major and dominated character. 

There is a different character in the novel. They are dominating to the novel.

  • Pinocchio
  • Mister Geppetto
  • The Talking Cricke. Mangiafuoco
  • The Fox and the Cat
  • The Fairy with Turquoise Hair
  • Falcon
  • Owl
  • Judge

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