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Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Heidi is written by famous novelist Johanna Spyri. He is a famous Swiss author. This saga is originally published in year 1881. Heidi is published in two volume in different times. This is specially for children and very famous among child. This saga is based on the young girl and his grandfather. They both live alone and care each other. This one is considered the best work of Johanna Spyri and have good rank in Swiss literature. This one is the best-selling book of Author. The story of this tale is adapted many times for making of film.
Heidi is the heroin of this saga. Her parents die when she was very young. She starting living with her aunt. Her aunt got wedded and she leave her aunt house. After that, he moves to her grandfather house. After that, he met a boy named Peter. He is her next door neighbor. Peter lives with his family. His mother father and grandmother live together. After that, she met with a girl. She wants to go with her to see the city. She is really excited to see the new place.
Clara’s and she see different places and enjoy a lot. She met with her grandmother. Her grandmother told her about religion. He told her how much prayers are beneficial for a people life. Finally, a day come when he wedded with peter and start his new journey. In the last scene of this saga she was with peter and both looks amazing and happy. This is great saga written by well known writer and gain high attention of viewers. This novel got much attention of viewers and many people praised the master piece of work.

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