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Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

This one saga specially written for Children. Margaret Wise Brown is the writer of this saga. He is an American writer. This saga is published in 1947. This one is the in number second in Brown and Hurd’s series. The other three books of this series published in same time. Goodnight Moon is just a rhyming poem for children. The main elements of this saga are Red balloons, dollhouse, two kittens and many other.
Red balloons live with his family. He has many friends named Two kittens and dollhouse. They all live in one place and love to each other. They all live in a great forest. they share every moment to each other. The relationship of friends and neighbors are main issue in this saga. Goodnight Moon is the bestselling novel and more than 4 million copies sold out. This saga has been translated in too many other languages. More 800,000 copies of this saga sold out in one years. This movement shows that the success of this saga.
This book gain position in top 100 in 2007. This one is the best book for children. Top 100 picture Books give high rank this saga in 2012. School library journal also published this saga. This one is just like a fairy tale. Susan Cooper again writes a book based on this topic.
This is really amazing saga got high attention of children around the world. Author explain every aspect of this saga very skillfully. The characters are limited in this saga and explain very brightly. This one is just a masterpiece.

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