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Charlotte's Web
Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is written by E. B. White. Garth Williams was the illustrator of this saga. This saga is published in 1952. Harper & Brothers was the publisher of this saga. This saga is for children. This one is the classical novel for not only child but also attract the attention of adult. This saga is based on friendship between Pig and spider. The story of this saga is used for the making of animated film for child. This film is released in 1973. Another film based in this same topic released. In 2006, a video game is released.
Fern Arable is the central character of this saga. She loves it and have one pig named Wilbur. His father not like her activities and loves towards the pig. When pig nature his father sold out this pig to his friend. Homer Zuckerman is the named of her father friend. The pig comes in new place and here he is alone. In the same place the spider is also living. Spider is living in Web. They both become closed friends and spend lot of time with each other. The spider name was Charlotte. Charlotte increase his web and lay eggs. Pig was really happy to his friend eggs. Charlotte take care of his eggs. Once, a great smoke come and Charlotte can not bear this smoke and die. This time is really tough for Wilbur. Charlotte is his only friend. After that here ally take care of all eggs of the Charlotte. Few day after a small baby are comes from the eggs. They are three and Wilbur call them Spider baby. Wilbur also gives them name such as Joy, Aranea and Nellie. Two are female spider and one are male spider. Wilbur remain them until they mature.

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