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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl is the Author of this saga named Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is adventure based novel.Charlie Bucketis main character and this saga is based on his adventure in chocolate factory. This book is gift for children published in 1964.
Charlie Bucket is very young boy lived with his parents and grandparents in the same house. He lives very miserable life. In his house, only one bed is present for his grandparents. He and his parents lives on mattress. He wants a bed for sleeping. His birthday day he receives a gift named Wonka Bar.
Willy Wonker is another main character of this saga. He is the master of huge chocolate factory’s factory is locked for many years. Once, he decided to open his factory again. He saw a many young and old peoples in his factory. They all are living here for many years. They develop and make many chocolate in this factory. Once, the Mr. Wonka take five golden stamps and placed into Chocolate bar. He told the peoples who one get this golden stamp will get a great chance to improve his life style. Four tickets are got someone. After that Charlie take a chocolate and win five stamp this one is his great chance to improve his life style.
This is really amazing saga, it has been translated into many languages and got attention of the children around of the world. This one is considered best-selling novel millions of copies sold out after a few day of publication.

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