The Plague PDF Written By Albert Camus – Summary

The Plague

The Plague

The Plague is written by Albert Camus. This saga is published in 1947. The story of this novel based on peoples who lives in Oran. This saga is gain a great fame after publication. Number of questions are asked in this saga, the question about the nature, about human behavior are under discussion. This saga is great work by author.
This saga is based on the peoples of French Algerian. Oren city’s peoples are central characters of this saga. In starting chapters of saga, main focus on a disease named plague. The cholera epidemic was a sever disease that time. This story of this saga is happened in 1849. When a large number of people of French Algerian kill. They all kill by this sever disease named cholera epidemic. This people of this place moves elsewhere and save his life’s. This disease is again and again affecting the peoples of French Algerian. Number of prevention mechanisms are held and decrease the chances of the disease.
Another disease named the plague affect the peoples of this region in 1556 to 1978. The number of peoples again kill by this disease. Number of doctors of different region important part of this saga.
Roberto Gerhard composed this saga in year 1965.
The film is based on this topic released in 1992. Luis Puenzo was the director of this film.

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