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Black Beauty

Black Beauty Novel

Anna Sewell is the writer of this saga. 1877 is the publishing date of this saga. This is very famous saga for children. The story of this saga is used for the making of the film many times and released in 1971, 1978 and 1994. This is really amazing saga. This one is considered the best book for the child.
After publication, millions of copies are sold out. This saga is considered the bestselling novel. Theauthor explains and arrange the each and every character very skillfully and got positive response towards public.
Horse is the main element of this saga. This whole saga is based on his lifestyle, his working his nature his fellow each and everything is discussed here and got hood attraction this oneis just a masterpiece. This one saga is translated into many language and famous all around the world.
Darkie is the hero of this saga. He is black dashing horse and also narrator of this saga. This saga is based on the horse life. He is live with his mom. He is very lazy and irresponsible by nature. He is very hardworking black horse start his life and really struggle hard. Rob Roy is his close friend and also his neighbor fellow. Rey is the master of this black horse. He sold this dashing horse to another man named Mr. Douglas Gordon. He further sold this to another man named Mr. James Howard. He is hired a boy for the take care of this black beauty horse.

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