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The Horse Whisperer 

The Horse Whisperer 

The Horse Whisperer is written by English author Nicholas Evans. He published his novel in United States of America in 1995. This novel was published by Delacorte Press and total length of this novel is 678 pages. It was originally published in English language. Important characters of the debut novel are: Grace Maclean, Robert Maclean, Judith, Tom Booker, Annie Graves and Pilgrim. This incredible novel was included in ten best-selling novels of United States of America during 1995. It had sold about 15 million copies all over the world. This debut novel was adapted for the film in 1998 that was directed by Robert Redfort. He got the rights to make film on this story for £3 million in 1995.
The story of this novel start with a girl, Grace Mclean and her friend Judith. On snowy morning, when white snow covered the New York, they both go for the horse riding. There horses’ names were Grace and Pilgrim When they were passing from icy slope and Gulliver slips from the horse and hits the Pilgrim. Both of horses falls down and drag them towards the road and she collide with a truck. Gulliver and Judith were killed in this incident and their horses Grace and Pilgrim were badly injured. Grace horse, left with somewhat cut off right leg, it may be nasty and solitary. Grace was the only kid in Annie’s Graves; workaholic editor of magazine and her father name was Robert, he was a lawyer. The different kind of methods taken by each of parents of Grace in dealing with accident straining relations within family.

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