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A Prayer for Owen Meany

A Prayer for Owen Meany

John Wheelwright is the narrator of this saga. This saga is set in Toronto Canada. New Hampshire is the former citizen and he wants to get citizenship of Canada. This saga is the seventh novel of author.1989 is the publishing date of this saga. In this saga, author explain the story of his best friend name Owen Meany. They grow up together and share a number of good memories.
The story is based on two part. In first part, author described the present situation of the john and in the second part discuss the early life of the John. The two part of this saga is really amazing and got attention of readers.
John Wheelwright is the hero of this saga. He is teacher by profession. He is teaching in girl’s school of Toronto. He is very religious man and have great sensing power. He is really believing on religion. He is not married. Here also discussed his old activities in united states.He has a great faith on his religion.
John Wheelwright and Owen Meany is main character. They both live in same place and they are very closed to each other. In this saga, author explains the both background and life history. John family is well known and very rich and have high rank in own state. On the other hand, his friend belongs to the working-class family and not very rich. In this saga, author describe the working lifestyle struggle and achievement in lives. This saga is based on very impressive topic gain a high attention.

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