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In His Steps

In His Steps by Charles Monroe Sheldon

In His Steps is written by Charles Monroe Sheldon. Chicago Advance is the publisher of this Christian novel. 1896 is the publishing date of this saga. This one saga is considered bestselling novel. Almost 30,000,000 copies are sold out around the Globe. The Author published this saga step by step. He wrote a chapter and published. Number of characters is in this saga with limited role. The arrangement of the characters and work is very brilliant.
This one is considered the best work of Author. This saga is set in U.S.A. Rev is the central character of this saga. Henry Maxwell is also main part of this saga. He is the owner of Church. The other character is unnamed poor man who live very poor life. Once, he comes to Henry Maxwell house. He told him about his life and ask for help. On the other hand, Henry Maxwell refused him. He goes back really hurt and die.
Edward Norman is also a small character of this saga. He is clerk in newspapers office. Hanery is the wife of Maxwell has a small role in saga. Other small characters such as Celia, Donald marsh, Loreen. Donald marsh is the owner of college.
The book based on this same topic and character is published. It has been translated in to number of languages. the story of this saga is used for the making of film. This film is released in 1964. Ken Anderson was the director of this film. Film earns a huge business.

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